At this stage of Winter, it’s safe to say, we all crave a refresh. Simple updates can make a great impact.

My area of focus is our dinette area. With furniture delays still a harsh reality, I’m starting small. There were a couple of options for this corner. I could have gone with a cabinet to fill the entire wall but I’m also not trying to break the bank. To stay in budget, I kept the smaller scale console table I already had.

With the help of Target home décor, this corner came together effortlessly. The vase and jars were shopped from my house and painted in black matte. I added a few of my favorite interior designs books as a focal point in the center. Including taper candles and a lantern in the mix always cultivates the feelings of warmth.


Lastly, let’s talk about this gorgeous wall hanging. Also, from Target, a 30” x 30” statement piece that pulls the whole corner together. This palette pairs perfectly with an array of wall colors. The style lends to a calming, modern esthetic. I am in love.

I have a round table and chairs coming for the space. When they arrive, I will see if the space needs a rug to pull it all together.

Once the furniture all comes together, I will post a blog reflecting how the entire area comes together and why I went with the table style and color that I choose. Stay tuned!

Have a lovely day!