The concept of interior design encompasses a large scope of areas from a simple room refresh to assisting with concepts of function as well as how you can use pieces you already own to redesign your home.

Cottage on Musgrave has an array of service options listed below to fit various client needs and budgets.


You email me photos of your space, room measurements and a brief description of your desired look for the space (if you have one). I provide a design board concept with a shopping list to include paint color, furniture, and décor.

Payment for this service is required prior to sending my responding email with creations. Contact me for pricing.

This service does not require an agreement.

Cottage Calls

This service is a laid-back option for the client looking for easy ideas to refresh their space. Over FaceTime, I will take a look at your space in real time and provide feedback to help you achieve the look you are going for. Your time will be best utilized if you have a list of prepared questions prior to the call.

We will discuss your desire for the space, if you have functionality concerns, what scale of furniture would look best in the space, perhaps a new wall color and/or fixtures or hardware that can make a statement. Included with the call will be a follow up email with my notes, any source recommendations, and any additional tips for improving the space. If you decide that you would like specific sources for the ideas we discuss or a mood board reflecting the ideas, there will be an additional fee. Contact me for pricing.

There is no agreement with this service.

Design by the Room

For a fixed fee, this service includes one fully designed space. This option is for a client with a specific budget for styling their space who would like to be told what to buy, where to buy it and how to set it all up.

Following a virtual visit, you will receive:

  • Design board rendering of the space
  • Product listing with purchase locations
  • If your budget is on the smaller side, I will walk you through how to you use what you have for furniture to give your space new life. I do not provide the labor but the product sources and direction.

In addition to your budget for the room, there is a set design price for styling and product sources for any of these spaces:

  • Powder room
  • Guest bathroom
  • Master bathroom
  • Laundry room
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen (complete with finishes)
  • Master bedroom, guest bedroom or child’s bedroom
  • Nursery
  • Loft
  • Office
  • Living room or great room
  • 3 or 4 season room
  • Outdoor patio

This service is paid for upfront and requires an agreement. Revisions are subject to additional fees. 

Design by Your Side

This service is for the client who would like to work on more than one space. Be it an existing room, a design concept including demo, a design creation involving an addition, etc. This service covers an array of options listed below and any extras that fit your needs. Working with you regarding your vision for the space, suggesting options for function and flow.

  • If the design would require contractors, I recommend a General Contractor or individual Sub-Contractors to quote and complete the work.
  • Create a design board of the furnishings for the space, including the shopping list (outlining the location and product name for the client to order)
  • I refer all window treatment work to an outside contractor so I provide recommendations for that service.
  • Take inventory of what furnishings you already have that you would like to use and make suggestions for how they would work best in the space or how to update the look of the pieces.
  • Concepts on trim details to walls and/or ceilings to create areas of interest.
  • Various addition services

This service is an hourly rate with a non-refundable deposit paid up front. Please contact me for pricing and deposit required. (travel time, selections, design boards, shopping lists are all billable with this service) There is an agreement required.

Disclaimer for all services: Cottage on Musgrave and any of its design team are not responsible for pieces that do not work out in your space. Clients are urged to ensure they have accurate measurements for any pieces they purchase resulting from any of these consultations. We are not responsible for price variations with sources nor their inventory or lack there of. We are not responsible for the work or any damage from of any other contractor you hire or we refer.