When thinking of filling a vacant wall space in a home, some of the most common options are an entry table with a large mirror or art piece. Another could be a bench seat with a wall hanging.

If you do not need that wall space for function and simply need to fill the void, I urge you to consider a sculpture. Many furniture stores carry them. It’s a sophisticated addition to the room and really pull the décor together.

I found these 2 sculptures at Lazboy when I was looking for our sofa and end tables. The fun thing about them is they are made of teak wood. The material can go with so many design styles, coastal, rustic, and even modern. They can be separated and placed in different areas around the home but the scale filled this wall space perfectly having them side by side. 

These are 10’ ceilings so depending on the piece you have your eye on, the size should be taken into consideration to ensure they fit the space proportionately.


In addition to using a sculpture to fill a wall space, they are great tucked in a corner that needs a little something more.  These are pieces of art and who wouldn’t want that addition to their space?