I hope this post finds you well and you are getting excited for the upcoming Holiday Season. Today, I’m sharing a decorating concept I personally use.

Over the years of collecting Christmas decorations, I have started to gravitate more towards Winter décor then holiday alone. I try to keep this idea in mind when I shop for anything new each year. I mean, if it’s an adorable Christmas decoration I will buy it for that purpose, but for the most part, I enjoy looking for Winter items.

After New Year’s Day, I take down all the decorations that are specific to Christmas but I leave up my plain small lit trees, snowmen, faux evergreen florals & berry picks. This year made a Winter wreath rather than a Christmas one, pictured here.

Is there anything more cozy in a home than the soft light of a tree tucked in a corner? I love creating a comforting feeling, including the smell of a seasonal Winter scented candle at the end of the day. There is something so calming about that setting that I’m in no rush to pack it all away. In the Mid-west, the Winters are long and if you have to be stuck inside more often, why not feel good about it?

Besides the feel these provide, it makes all of the work of decorating for the holiday season worthwhile as a good part of it remains for a few months. Depending on the weather and my mood, I have been known to leave the Winter items out until at least Valentine’s Day.

I have included a few pics of Winter décor items I leave on display. Perhaps this will provide you some inspiration for the Holiday Season.

Blessing to you all.