I thought it would be fun to share my next couple of blog posts about DYI Holiday décor for anyone that is getting into the decorating spirit. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have already seen the reel I posted featuring a simple holiday/Winter wreath. At least I plan on keeping it up through the cold months that following Christmas in the mid-west.

Here is a breakdown of what was used and a brief description of how I put it together. Everything was purchased at Hobby Lobby for 50% off. The wreaths are located near the dry floral section and all of the floral and greenery picks I choose were in the Christmas section, in the aisle of picks. The options are endless.

• Grape Vine Wreath
• Glue gun
• Floral and greenery picks (I use two of the same to bookend the decorated section. Anything goes in between)
• Command Hook

Using a grape vine wreath, add floral picks, pine cones, or greenery that easily fits between the layers of vine or glued directly to it. So easy and inexpensive when you only fill a quarter of the wreath with decorations. ⠀I did choose to secure all of my pieces with a glue gun after I assembled it to ensure I loved the placement. Just lift them from the wreath a bit, place a dab of glue and put the piece back down, pressing for a few seconds. This will keep it all in place but also help when you have to store it.

You can easily hang a grape vine wreath from a Command Hook to a mirror (as pictured here) or a wall. It can also hang from a hook you already have by using a lovely, wired ribbon, finished with a bow.

Hoping this inspires you to make one for your house or for a friend.

Many blessings to you this Thanksgiving.