Fall temps are finally here in the Midwest. Trees are putting on a spectacular color show. All that I can see out back windows is yellow and orange. It’s time for cider, cozy blankets, and a fire.

I love a beautiful fireplace as the feature of a welcoming space. Not only the function that it brings but the character it can add. Some are grand and reach to the ceiling while others are modern stucco with no mantel.

One of my favorite placements for a fireplace is a corner. While planning our build, that was an important detail and something that had always been on my wish list. Featured here is our corner unit.


Creating this wall was a fun endeavor. I choose to use the exterior stone on the fireplace front. Not only does it tie indoors to outdoors but it’s timeless. The textures and color variations are classic and versatile. Two characteristics I love to look for when choosing design styles.

Hearths are a great addition of seating for a crowd but also another area to decorate. When you create a fireplace wall and choose to add a hearth, you can choose the height. Overall, you will have to take into consideration the fire box size and whether you are adding a mantle. The mantle will have to be a certain distance from the firebox for safety. Another detail to consider is whether you will be adding a TV. We allowed for a TV above the fireplace or on a side wall. With frame TV’s gaining popularity, it’s a great option to have art displayed when the TV is not in use. We choose above the fireplace as it’s the center of the room and can be viewed from all the seating. There is a board behind on the TV with an outlet that runs down a PVC pipe in the wall to hide any cords. The bracket is mounted to the board and if we decide in the future not to have the TV there, artwork or a mirror can easily take its place.

The firebox is wrought iron. We choose it for its old-world charm. It’s imperfect in texture and color. Not stark black but more of a charcoal. There are different settings for lights and flame height, remote controlled.

Let’s talk about this mantle though. I came across the sign for reclaimed products and decided to contact gentleman. I’m in awe when things come together so unexpectedly. I set up an appointment with only the mantle in mind. I came prepared with the measurements and pretty much knew when I saw the piece, what would work. The one featured here is over 100 years old. It’s hand hewn, giving such a unique appearance. We discussed the option to have the brackets and pins designed and added. Again, it’s imperfect but made to be. While I looked around the shop, the showroom featured a reclaimed wood wall that kept drawing my eye. I ended up leaving there with the mantle, the wood wall detail for our 3- season room, and a new dining room table. Daniels’s love for his creations and knowledge of the products he works with are contagious. It was amazing creating with him.