Choosing the Perfect Throw Pillows to Cozy Your Space

I’d love to share a few tips that I implement when choosing throw pillows.
If you like to keep things simple, choose a color palette that will work for your space year-round.
It’s also fun to switch them out with the season change for the simplest of room refreshes.



Here are a few ideas to keep in mind while selecting pillows for your couches, chairs, or window seats:

Chose a color pallet

If you are struggling with a color scheme, consider your wall color or even the feature color you love in your rug. Let that choice be your feature and start there. If that’s still difficult, neutrals (white, cream, sand, beige) are a safe and trendy option.

Sizes and Textures

I find a patterned pillow reflecting the color scheme I am shooting for. I do keep the size in mind as I would like the pattern to draw the eye. From there, I select a larger size, solid-color pillow for the backdrop. For the last selection, I like to go with another varying textured pillow in the same color scheme, however a size that falls in between the other pillows. See here:


Bringing it All Together

Lastly, I add a throw blanket as an invitation to sit and get cozy.

Note: I have great success finding budget friendly throw pillows at Target and Home Goods as well as pillow covers on Etsy.