Mixing metals between drawer pulls and plumbing finishes are currently trending.

By mixing, they can be the same color, different styles such as a cup pull, bar pull or knob and even a combination of all of these.

It is also popular to mix different metals like matte black and champagne brass, as shown here. It’s stunning to see the brass on lighter cabinets (white & light sage, for example) and matte black on wood cabinets in the same kitchen. The brass also looks fabulous on dark gray and navy cabinets. Picture this, a faucet in matte black and the cabinet hardware in brass. Amazing!

When selecting hardware, the drawers or door sizes are important to take into consideration. You would not be using cup pulls on doors, those would require a knob or bar pull. Before making the investment, most big box stores sell the hardware individually. You can choose a few to try out, bring them home and see how they look. Larger drawers like the ones sized for pots & pans would need a larger bar pull or perhaps 2 knobs or 2 cup pulls. Not all drawers are the same length and that should be taken into consideration, to ensure you achieve the look you would like and it appears proportionate.

If you are replacing hardware and will not be painting or staining the cabinets and drawers, make sure you have the same size hardware as the holes already drilled.

Have fun and be daring. You won’t regret it.