I’m so happy you are here, visiting my site. I’m Karyn Pourchot, Manager of Cottage on Musgrave, LLC.

Interior Design has always been a passion of mine. I love to curate unique spaces that reflect comfort in my clients’ homes. Everyone deserves a sanctuary that provides contentment and relaxation at their end of their day.

Relationships with my clients are extremely valuable. Hiring a designer is an investment, so I take my role very seriously, regardless of the scope of work. Clients look to a designer to execute their desired aesthetic for their home. Cottage on Musgrave has the resources and the talent to do just that.

Finding the right designer means finding that someone who shares in your vision for your space, provides guidance for that vision and has a personality you enjoy working with. Our design services fit any budget.

My most recent scope of work includes the upgrades to our house to stage it for sale. Simple, budget friendly changes to our home visually put us out above our competition. One month after our house sale, we broke ground on our dream home build and I General Contracted the job.

It’s no easy task and likely the most challenging position I have held to date. You have to have all the right trades in line, be skilled at organization, able to keep a strict schedule and capable of making all of the selections for the home, every single detail. It was this project that pushed me to realize I need to do what I love for a living, Interior Design.

Service offerings encompass all budgets from enhancing the furnishings you already have and adding simple décor to give a space a fresh aesthetic to design concepts for entirely new furnishings, finishes, color consults, you name it. Whether you are in your home and desire a refresh, are looking for staging advice to sell your home or have moved into a new house, we offer services for all budget needs.

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